Child-care support

We understand that juggling a career and a young family is never easy. To make this as achievable as possible for our staff we have many different child-care services and working options.

The Trust runs the largest day nursery service in the NHS with two in-house nurseries called the Sunshine Day Nursery, which are both OFSTED approved and provide professional Child-care services for up to 256 children per day aged between four months and five years old.

We also run a Holiday Club based at the Northern General Hospital Nursery for Nursery leavers and children aged 4-11 years which runs throughout all school holidays.

Both nurseries are open from 6.30am to 6pm everyday and until 7pm if places are booked in advance.

Please click on the following link for more information NHS Child-care in Sheffield (

Emergency Child-care

Do you have a need for Child-care at short notice e.g. your regular arrangements are unavailable for some reason? Any children under five years of age may be able to attend the nursery for a short period of time until your current arrangements are back to normal. Children aged five to 11 may be able to be accommodated during school holidays. For more information contact Chris Wallis, Child-care Services Manager
Telephone: (0114) 2714254.


Child-care vouchers 

The Trust, has introduced a family friendly initiative that enables parents to choose a more flexible way to meet the costs of child-care. Under the i-Choose scheme, parents can opt for part of their wage to be exchanged for child-care vouchers, which are non-taxable and exempt from National Insurance contributions and therefore represent a saving for employees who received them as part of their total employment package.

The Child-care Vouchers received are then exchanged, in whole or part for the Child-care services used.

For more information about the child-care vouchers scheme please contact Monsur Ali, i-Choose Co-ordinator on  (0114) 3052427 or click here


Child-care funding for students

Applying for the NHS Bursary Child-care Allowance. Students in receipt of a NHS funded bursary are able to apply for extra help with registered and approved Child-care costs. This Child-care allowance is paid as a supplement to the existing NHS funded bursary.

The Child-care must be provided by a registered or OFSTED-approved Child-care provider and the child must be 15 or under, or 17 or under if the child has special educational needs. The Child-care allowance is calculated individually and the amount awarded will depend on circumstances and the income available to the employee and their family.

More information can be accessed by contacting the NHS Pensions Agency Student Child-care Allowance Help line 0845 009 2559